Border Crossing: Tuscon – Agua Prieta – Chihuahua

When I met Vasilisa, she proudly showed me her shiny new, ultra-sleek, super-compact sleeping bag.  My 12 year old bag, in relation to her´s, looked like an antique that belonged in a sleeping bag museum!

We started out trip to Central America from Tuscon, USA and caught almost the last shuttle to the Mexico border which cost US $30 each.

We crossed the border around midnight — very quick and painless. The US authorities asked us some random questions but it took a while to explain that being Russian with a tourist US visa I needed to exit the country according to the law. They didn´t really seem willing to do anything. A bit confused, they finally took my I-94 and we left the US on our shuttle bus, that kindly took us through the whole border.

Entering Mexico was easy – the only thing we had to do was to push a button and something looking like a street lite lighted a green sign saying to “enter”. There were no people at the border except for this sicko lady that claimed she was living at the border and tried to help every single person.

For $5 a taxi took us to the central bus station. It was a small building where we waited for couple of hours until the bus that was promised to arrive at “doce y media”(00:30) arrived around 2am. The bus was nice, even very nice – with an air conditioner that made me freeze all the way until the middle stop where Josh got out our sleeping bags from the baggage.

We got to Chihuahua around 9:30 am. I watched a beautiful sunrise being all happy and exited to start the trip.
Budget per 2 (together)
Transport: $160 US Tuscon – Chihuahua
Food: 0
Accommodation: 0

So, when we arrived in Tuscon, I insisted we make a last minute stop at REI to explore my options. The sales-lady was very helpful, and about an hour later we walked out with almost $500 of things I never knew I needed, including my very own shiny new sleeping bag, just a few ounces lighter and smaller than the one Vasilisa had showed me earlier.

At this point it was about 7pm, and we still hadn´t a clue where we needed to go to catch a bus to Chihuahua. We scrambled all around town, & finally we found a shuttle to Agua Prieta (we´d need to transfer to Chihuahua there).

The shuttle was set to leave in less than 45 minutes, so our only option for our last supper with my mom besides Mexican food (which we figured we´d have enough of in Mexico!) was Panda Express. What better a way could we say farewell to America than Panda Express, a microcosm of America (Abundance, Automation & Asia).

When we got to Agua Prieta 2 hours later, it seemed like everyone wanted to be our friend & help us (for a buck or 2, of course), so we kindly declined friendship and worked out things on our own. The lady at the bus station said we could take the bus to Chihuahua at 12 or 12:30. I told her 12 would be good, and we sat down to wait. By about 12:45, I realized that she meant the bus would be there around 12 or 12:30 — one option, not two, and we continued waiting!

To make things worse, I accidentally stepped on Vasilisa´s already hurt toe. It looked painful! Of course she forgave me quickly , and she couldn´t be too mad seeing we´re at the start of an incredible trip. And finally, about 2 hours later, a bus came across the street at a different station, we ran across to catch it, & were on our way on the night bus to Chihuahua. Our trip had begun.

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  1. Alexey says —

    Great things! Wona join or repeat! Have a nice travel.

  2. wendy says —

    You two are clearly on your way – and what a lovely way to keep us posted. I love this format where I get to hear both of your voices and perceptions. xoxoxo, wendy

  3. Julie says —

    I am so happy for the two of you. It sounds wonderful. Have a great time and keep blogging as I love following your adventure.

  4. Tatiana says —

    Have a nice trip!
    And of course, be careful)

  5. Tonya says —

    Wooow))))) you are great, nice to hear from you so far… HAVE FUN & BE SAFE))))

  6. Santa Cruz Restaurants says —

    I’m glad you guys are still alive we haven’t spoke for ages! I worry about you off in the world alone…just Joshua Soros…god please have mercy!

  7. Joslyn says —

    I love this blog! Have fun

  8. Joey Webster says —

    Please change comment links to do follow. I hate when you bloggers change them to external no follow to stop blog spam from idiots like myself – the nerve!

    I appreciate your anticipated cooperation in this matter.

  9. Lori Marks-Noble says —

    Sounds like you are having a great time. Love the blog..

  10. ANDELA says —

    If you guys happen to visit Cantinflas’ birthplace and/or grave site…..please….please… PLEASE–leave a box of Milk Duds and/or Good&Plenty there with my best wishes.

    Keep up the reports—means so much to the zip-code challenged!!!

    Hasta la vista—-baby.

  11. Joey Webster says —

    Excuse me, why did my comment get deleted?

  12. Joey says —

    My comments getting erased is really pissing me off. Bet I could hack into this site if I really wanted to.

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