Side By Side Perspectives –Man & Woman
We are a travelling pair, and this is a place for us to share our different perspectives on our travels, side by side. We write about the same events, but from the unique perspective of a man & woman. We are also from two different countries (America & Russia), which means that our views also come from different cultures. We believe this unique presentation style gives a better understanding of our travels and never falls short of fun & entertaining.

Travel – See, Share, Learn
This travel blog is an opportunity for us to share our experiences & our cultural exchanges. It is a place for us to present the images we capture along our travels. It is our chance to provide you with any insider tips & tricks we discover in the countries we visit. We strive to create both a beautiful & informative presentation of our travels.

Voluntouring – Give Back To Our World
We want for our travels to be more than just shifting from place to place and taking from our surroundings. We want to give as much as we take, if not more, to the communities we visit. From building houses, to preserving wildlife/nature, to teaching English, we are giving back to each place we visit. By volunteering throughout our travels, we are able to gain a deeper understanding, create stronger connections and have an overall more meaningful travel experience.