Huaraz & The Cordilleras (Peru)

We decided to get away from the cold in Trujillo with a weekend trip to Huaraz and the Cordilleras. 10 hours on the deluxe night bus (pretty cozy besides the token snorer on every trip), and we arrived in Huaraz just after 8am.

As soon as we checked into the hotel, we booked over to the tour company for a day of mountain biking. I insisted on full suspension bikes for us both (expensive, but worth it), and only an hour later we were on our way with a guide and a shuttle climbing up the Cordilleras Negras hillside.

The city I enjoyed the most in Peru was definitely Huaraz. I loved everything about it: its warmth in all meanings of this word (the people and the weather), its streets, cafes and bars. We liked it so much that visited it twice.

It takes about 10hours from Trujillo. We traveled by the VIP buses run by Linea ( that includes snack, tea/coffee, pillow and blanket, movies and super comfortable seats. I enjoyed Linea VIP …

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