Backpacking & Canyon Train Ride: Copper Canyon, Mexico

By the time we got to Creel, we were exhausted from 20+ hours of non-stop buses. Luckily, we found a great little place to stay called Huespedes De Margarita. And as soon as we got into our room, we hit the bed for a much deserved nap.
20h on the airplane, almost 20h on the bus and I’m in the middle of Mexico on the top of the copper canyon, rushing to set up the tent before the storm hits us…

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Border Crossing: Tuscon – Agua Prieta – Chihuahua

When I met Vasilisa, she proudly showed me her shiny new, ultra-sleek, super-compact sleeping bag.  My 12 year old bag, in relation to her´s, looked like an antique that belonged in a sleeping bag museum!

We started out trip to Central America from Tuscon, USA and caught almost the last shuttle to the Mexico border which cost US $30 each.

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